Game Portfolio

Games created during my undergrad
B.S. Computational Media, Game Studies concentration

Featured game: Star Wars Escape VR

Game Portfolio

Games created during my undergrad
B.S. Computational Media,
Game Studies concentration

Featured game: Star Wars Escape VR

Star Wars Escape VR

Georgia Tech PeN Lab

You are trapped in a jail with a broken BB-8. You two worked together to break the jail and open an escape pod. But now there's limited time before the storm troopers comes in, should you save BB-8 with the risk of you being caught?

In this game, the player had to make a moral decision in a jail escape scenario. We wanted to explore the possibility of creating compassion for a non-player character in VR.

  • Built in Unity3D for Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers
  • Conducted user testing with 15+ participants
  • Invited to present at the first Oculus NextGen Symposium held in Oculus HQ
  • Presented as one of the highlight projects in Georgia Tech's bi-annual GVU Research Showcase
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Demo: Two-hand grip interaction to increase immersion
Player picks up BB-8's entire body with both hands and aim at the control panel Player picks up BB-8's head using one hand


Audio-based Adventure Game

Below — A Narrative Game on Alexa

For Amazon Alexa Challenge

Jesse is facing some serious problems in a submarine, hundreds of thousands of feet below the surface of the sea. Her companion Dr. Lee was unconscious due to a mysterious plant. The player’s job is to use the radio to communicate with Jesse (by talking to Alexa), give her instructions on how to save Dr. Lee, and discover the secrets of their research along the way.

  • Built for Amazon Alexa
  • Original Interactive Storytelling System
  • Original Story by Emily Nguyen

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Final Project of Game Design


Final Project of Game Design

A man is reading books in his house in the middle of the woods. Little does he know that his house is haunted, by you the player! Use your ghost power to interact with objects in the house to scare the man. The goal is to get him out of his house.

  • Created in Unity3D
  • Multiple Interaction with Environment
  • AI Character Design
  • Sound Effects

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Summer Eve

Game 8 - RPG game

Summer Eve is based on the story and imagery described in Summer Breeze” (70s hit by Seals Croftd), in which a man is returning home after a hard day of work during a summer’s evening and seeing his wife cooking food at the kitchen.

The goal of this game is to finish the work and return home as soon as possible so that the player can enjoy a meal cooked by his wife. However, the player may be drawn by the party at the beach or choose to wander around, and potentially miss the dinner with his wife.

  • Created in GameMaker Studio
  • Six scenes
  • Three different game endings
  • Sound Effects and BGM

Download game (Windows )


Game 7 - Two-Player Game


Game 7 - A Two-Player Game on
                 Split Screen

In Reversible, two players are controlling two characters that is bounded within a black and white world and they are separated by a large piece of glass.

In order to break the glass and meet with each other, they need to collaborate and solve the color puzzle within the world: the world is symmetrical around the center of the glass and the objects are identical, except reversed in orientation; the players need to make every objects reversed in color to solve the puzzle. Some objects might be “invisible” due to their color blending into the background, challenging the players to compare their environment, communicate, and guide each other to find the “invisible” objects.

There are duplicate objects in one side (the apples) that the player must identify and teleport to the other side of the glass, so the other player can pick it up from the teleporter and put back to the same location (full interaction shown on the right).

  • Created in Unity3D
  • Original Player Model by Corey Salmon
  • Original Materials
  • Sound Effects
Download game (Windows ) View source code on GitHub

Game Control:
Left Player
Move: WASD
Reverse color: Space
Teleport: left Shift

Right Player
Move: arrow keys
Reverse color: Enter
Teleport: right Shift

Special Feature: Teleport 1. Black player gets one apple from the tree and put in inventory

2. Black player teleports the apple using the teleporter

3. White player picks up the apple and put on the same tree


Game 6 - A Game with no Quantifiable Goal

        Achievement System


Canvas is an exploration game in which players control a little boy to walk on a huge canvas and explore the drawings on the canvas. The character is so tiny compare to the drawings , so it is impossible for the players to see the whole drawing at once. There are certain collectibles that the player would find that can display the full picture of a specific drawing.

  • Created in Unity3D
  • Massive, Infinite Scrolling Map
  • Original Art Asset: my drawings
  • Achievement System for Collecting Drawings

Subway Sardines

Game 4 - A Competitive Game on Public Transportation

Subway Sardines

Subway Sardines is a game about competing for a seat on a subway train packed like sardines. The players are waiting at a subway station, trying to get into the train as soon as it arrives and find a seat. There are 19 seats in the car, but only one of them will be available each time. In order to get to the empty seat, the players need to push and squeeze between the standing passengers that are blocking the way.

  • Created in Unreal Game Engine
  • 3 Mannequin Postures

Surfing Pika

Game 5 - A Game Controlled using Audio Input

Use volume to control wave height and low-pitch sound to fire lightning!

Click here to play on Windows


Game 3 – One Player Action Game

Asteroids is an Android game about an asteroid falling on Earth and potentially destroying it. By tilting the phone, the player controls the two volcanoes on opposite side of the asteroids, and forces the asteroid to change its path through the asteroid belt of the Solar System. Because of universal gravitation, the asteroid attracts objects with lower mass and they combine into a larger asteroid.
Featured an ending cut scene, in which the asteroid burns into flames in the Earth atmosphere.

  • Mobile Game (Android)
  • Utilize accelerometer sensor in smart phones
  • Created in Unity3D
  • Ending Cut Scene Animation
The player starts off small
Grow larger after collisions
Burning in the atmosphere

Zombies 2

Game 2 – A Zombie Survival Game

Fight sound-driven zombies by shooting at further gravestones!

Peashooter vs. Zombies

Game 1 – A Skinned Centipede Game

Peashooter vs. Zombies is a game inspired by Centipede (1980) and Plants vs. Zombies (2009). The player controls the most popular plant from Plants vs. Zombies – the peashooter to fire peas against waves of zombies in a graveyard.
The zombies starts out moving in a line, which mimic the movement of the centipede in the original game. they turn into gravestones as if a section of centipede turns into a mushroom.

  • Original Object-Oriented Game Engine
  • Original Art Assets
  • Programmed in
  • Remake of Classic Arcade Game
Download game (Windows )