Final Project of Game Design

Huanted is the game I made for the final project for game design class. It features a first person controller in a 3D environment.

In this game, the player plays a ghost that is haunting this house in the middle of the woods. Using ghost power to interact with objects in the house, the player will try to scare the man reading by his bookshelf. The goal is to scare the man out of his house.

  • Created in Unity3D
  • AI Character Design
  • Sound Effects

Game Features
Indicators on objects that are interactable (press 'E' to interact)

Two ways to interact with the environment
Make objects float and move in the air
Activate special object, e.g. the record player

NPC interaction

NPC tries to trun off the record player that started by the ghost (i.e. the player)

Game AI Design

I used a state machine to controll the movement of NPC over time. The red bar on left side of the screen indicates the current "scared level" of the NPC, corresponding to the state of NPC. There are total of 5 states for the NPC:

  1. Idle: calmly reading books at first
  2. Curious: inspecting objects
  3. Scared: scared away from the floating objects
  4. Running: running around the house
  5. Exiting: exiting out of the house
1. Idle State
NPC standing next to the bookshelf
2. Curious State
NPC approaches the floating object but got slightly scared
3. Scared State
NPC running away to avoid the floating object
4. Running State
NPC screaming and running around the house like crazy
5. Exiting State
NPC screaming and rushing out of the house (player won)


Audio Credits