Star Wars Escape

VR Room Escape Game

  • Built in Unity3D for Oculus Rift and Touch Controller
  • NPC AI and animations
  • Sound effects
  • Custom lighting and visual effects
  • Conducted user testing with 15+ people

This project is selected to present at the first
Oculus NextGen Symposium

Interaction Walkthrough

The player starts the VR experience in a Star Wars-themed jail cell. Inside the cell, the interactor can look around to see a dismantled BB-8 robot body, recolored to match GT’s colors and branding.
Assembles BB-8's head and body.
The head automatically snaps onto the body, and BB-8 is repaired. BB-8 makes a celebratory dance and happy chirps.
Then BB-8 shoots a laser at the control panel, jumping to indicate it's not tall enough.
The player places both controllers beneath BB-8's body to lift it up.
The player aim BB-8's laser at the control panel. After a few seconds the panel is overheated and exploded.
Laser jail bars disappear and alarm was triggered. Storm Troopers starts shooting at the player's direcction.
BB-8 is quickly hacking the system to open up the escape pod on the right.
BB-8 was attacted by the Storm Troopers coming in. Should you stop and help him or escape without him?
The player can choose assembles BB-8 again.
If BB-8 is rescued, it runs to the escape pod, waiting for the player to enter.
The door of the escape pod closes as the player enters.
With or without BB-8, the player escaped the Empire's Ship.