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Digital Civics Project for Principles of Interaction Design

This web-app is based on Chapter 2 of the Atlanta Community Engagement Playbook - Plays for Community Associations. In this chapter, storytelling is an important method to share ideas and information in rich ways. This site helps community associations facilitate the hosting of events while nurturing a tight-knit community by allowing members to initiate projects and take the lead. This way, community associations are able to better mobilize members around a shared vision for a more progressive community.

The City of Atlanta and its community partners are committed to engaging residents, businesses, and organizations to shape the city to be the best it can be. This playbook includes approaches to community engagement that are constructive, sustainable, collaborative, holistic, creative, and open.

The goal is to offer community associations and service providers a set of actionable practices to achieve greater levels of quality engagement. Because neighborhood-led organizing has long been at the forefront of making change in Atlanta, from the civil rights movement through to today, this playbook is designed as a working resource—with action checklists, guides, and case studies—to support community leadership and participation in engagement processes. This resource extends to municipal agencies and service providers who have a responsibility to meet communities where they are and build sustainable partnerships through engagement.

This interactive web app is created using:
  • Node.JS
  • AngularJS 4

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Features: Interactive Progress bar
Click "Help Out" to become a volunteer
See the bar fills up and percentage goes up!

User Interface Design

Shows the trending projects, projects that needs volunteers and projects that needs donation.
Explore Page
Explore projects using the filters
Project Details
View Details of projects, click "Help Out" to participate
Create Project
Step 1: Enter Details
Step 2: Enter amount of donation needed
Step 3: Preview Project
Finally step: project published